Judge Nancy E. Gordon - District Court, Durham County
Dear Citizens of Durham County:  
      Since 2007, it has been my honor and privilege to serve as one of your District Court Judges here in Durham County.  I work hard, have a passion for my job, and know that I am serving our community well.  
From time to time, people ask questions about the cases that come into my courtroom. The conduct of judges is subject to the North Carolina Canons.  At Article IIIA(6) the Canons state: "A judge should abstain from public comment about the merits of a pending proceeding in any state or federal court dealing with a case or controversy arising in North Carolina or addressing North Carolina law and should encourage similar abstention on the part of court personnel subject to his direction and control."Based on the Canons, I can't comment on cases that I've heard and I don't, as a practice, comment about cases or issues that might come into my courtroom.
As a Judge of the District Court in the State of North Carolina, I am proud to be part of a judiciary which must, by constitutional requirement and as a function of a democratic government, be independent.  Accordingly, and in concert with the Judicial Canons, I hear the cases that come into my courtroom and make the best decision that I can solely on the evidence presented and the law which applies. 
I continue to be proud of my service and look forward to continuing to honorably serve the Durham community for many years.
--Nancy E. Gordon