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Dear Friends—
With the election approaching (EARLY VOTING STARTS 10/23/14), I continue to work hard to retain the privilege of serving the Durham community.

I am the only Board Certified Family Law Specialist on the bench and that expertise makes me uniquely qualified to hear the cases that impact our families and our community. I’m passionate about families and focused on the best interest of our children. It’s important to recognize those among us who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse.  Helping those folks in Adult Drug Treatment Court find their way is a privilege; and I am proud to lead the effort to start a Durham Veterans Treatment Court These cases touch all of us.
I won the primary election.  Now, to keep my seat, I must win in a two-way race in the General Election on November 4th. To be successful, I need your support, your donations and your help.
There are four early voting sites open from October 23 to November 1. (http://dconc.gov/index.aspx?page=95)

 Yes, there are still things to do and I still need your help:  

  •  Place my signs on the main roadways/intersections (and in your yard!).
  •  Give some of your time to work at a polling place during Early Voting between October 23 and November 1 and on Election Day November 4-- that would be a big help
  •  Send a donation to the Campaign to Elect Nancy Gordon Judge at Post Office Box 1596, Durham, NC 27702. 

Please be mindful of the information we need to report if you make a contribution (it’s on the donation page).  

If you have questions about judicial evaluations, check out the article "How not to Pick a Judge" in The New York Times at http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/04/opinion/sunday/how-not-to-pick-judges.html?_r=0.

Thank you in advance for supporting me in the past and for coming through in the future.  It is humbling to have so much help from family, friends and my community. I am immensely grateful for your backing and I will continue to work hard every day to be a compassionate, fair, and effective judge for our community.   I continue to ask for your support and vote on NOVEMBER 4th!

With warmest regards, I am
Jackie Brown, Campaign Manager

Committee to Elect Nancy Gordon Judge
Post Office Box 1596
Durham, North Carolina 27702